Juan Carlos Echeverri Álvarez

Historian of the Universidad Nacional of Colombia (Medellín) Master in History (Universidad Nacional of Colombia) Ph.D Candidate in Education (Interinstitutional agreement Universidad del Valle, PedagógicaNacional y Distrital Francisco José de Caldas) Professor at the Universidad PontificiaBolivariana, Coordinator of the Research Group Pedagogy and Didactics of Knowledge(PDS)

Publication in the topic

– Of Discipline to the indiscipline: A Reading of the school from the Foucaultianconception of Liberalism: Escritos Magazine. UPB.  Versión electronica:revistas.upb.edu.co/index.php/escritos/article/download/108/84

Democracy and School: From the discipline to the conflict. Memoirs.VIII Latin American Congress on Latin American Education. 2007


– Doctoral Thesis  School in Colombia: A story in the Light of the notion of Liberal governmentality (1826 – 1946) 

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