Laura Quintana

Laura Quintana is Professor of Philosophy at the Universidad de Los Andes (Bogotá – Colombia). She has published several contributions in the areas of contemporary political philosophy and modern and contemporary aesthetics. Her recent research mainly addresses the aesthetic dimension of forms of power and emancipation and their effects on the world, from a trans-disciplinary approach based on a dialogue between a philosophy situated in Latin-America and contemporary views of anthropology and art. Among her most recent books are: (2020). Políticas de los cuerpos. Barcelona: Herder. (2018). Mouvements sociaux et subjectivations politiques (co-edited with A. Fjeld and E. Tassin); (2016). Intervenciones filosóficas en medio del conflicto: debates sobre la construcción de paz en Colombia hoy (co-edited with D. Paredes, A. Fjeld, and Carlos Manrique); (2016). Cómo se forma un sujeto político: prácticas estéticas y acciones colectivas (co-edited with Carlos Manrique). For other publications, see:

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