COVID-19 RESEARCH GRANT Title: One Health and One Home: Zoonotic Diseases and the Biopolitics of COVID-19

Researcher: Vatter, M; Lemm, V.; Muecke.

In 2008, as a reaction to the “Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza” (HPAI) outbreak, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in collaboration with the World Health organization (WHO), United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Wildlife Conservation Society, published a report entitled “Contributing to One World, One Health. A Strategic Framework for Reducing Risks of […]

Biopolitics and Democracy in Global Governance

Researcher: Sergei Prozorov

The project addresses the relationship between the two logics at work in contemporary global governance, democracy and biopolitics. Since the end of the Cold War, democracy has become the fundamental principle of global governance. Governance policies at such diverse sites as health care, development and environmental protection are both legitimized and contested in terms of democratic principles of participation, equality and […]

Nietzsche: Critical theory, genealogy and the question of biopolitics

Researcher: Vanessa Lemm

Proyecto Semilla 2007-2008. Universidad Diego Portales   In the western tradition of political thought, politics has often been conceived as a mechanism to protect human life against the animality of human beings. The question of whether social and political organization is inseparable from power over animal life, and power over the body, is a fundamental […]

El concepto de “posthumano” y la biopolítica. Perspectivas categoriales de su incidencia en los dominios psicosociales, institucionales y biotecnológicos.

Duración: 2007-2010 Fuente de Financiamiento: Foncyt. Fondo para la Investigación Científica y Tecnológica. El proyecto se propuso analizar las tramas categoriales en torno de los conceptos de “posthumano” y de “biopolítica”, términos que ya son de uso habitual en diversos campos disciplinarios, y objetos de debate contemporáneo. En este sentido, se abordaron los siguientes campos […]

Towards a Radical Conception of Politics: A Critical Analysis of Zizek’s Theory of the Act

Researcher: Ricardo Camargo

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Humanities, Universidad Diego Portales. Is it possible to conceive of a type of politics that breaks from the constraints imposed by a given “objective” political situation? In other words, is it still possible – within the context of apparently undisputable “objective rules” – to conceive of a kind of politics that […]

The Melancholy Sovereign: The Politics of the Human-Animal (in)distinction in Hobbes, Schmitt and Benjamin

Researcher: Diego Rossello

The general area of my studies concerns the link between modern sovereignty and the idea of an exclusively human politicality.  The questions, topics and methodologies that orient my work emerge from historically inflected democratic theory and critical political theory.  My dissertation “The Melancholy Sovereign: The Politics of the Human-Animal (in)distinction in Hobbes, Schmitt and Benjamin” […]

“Les chocs de l´art de masses : Penser le cinema et la modernité en Colombie: 1915-1929

Researcher: Alberto Bejarano

Université Paris VIII.UFR ARTS, PHILOSOPHIE, ESTHÉTIQUE École Doctorale 31: Pratiques et Théorie du sens. Département de Philosophie L`introduction des discours de modernité en Colombie dans la première moitie du XX siècle, á travers le cinéma (européen et américain) ont été un choc de la pensée pour une société conservatrice fondé sur le respect de la moral chrétienne de […]

Nietzsche, Biopolitics and the Future of the Human

Researcher: Vanessa Lemm

Fondecyt Regular No. 1085238, 2008-2011. Universidad Diego Portales. This research projectinvestigates the question of how the recent problematization of the animality of the human being in philosophy and in the humanities affects our understanding of what it means to be human, and the challenges it poses for the future of humanism. This research project approaches […]