Vanessa Lemm


Phone: +61 (2) 93859442

PhD in Philosophy from the New School for Social Research, USA (2002), Master in Philosophy from King’s College University of London, England (1993), Postgraduate degree in Philosophy (Diplome d’Etudes Approfondis) (1994), Bachelor in Philosophy (Licence) (1992) and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy (D.E.U.G) (1992) from Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, France. She is professor in philosophy and Head of School of the School of Humanities of the University of New South Wales. She also directed and taught at the Institute of Humanities at the Diego Portales University, Santiago de Chile (2006-2011) and taught at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Potsdam as a DAAD Guestprofessor in 2010-2011.

Her research focuses on the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche; contemporary political thought; biopolitics; the question of the animal; philosophy of culture and cultures of memory; theories of justice and the gift. She is the author of Nietzsche’s Animal Philosophy: Culture, Politics and the Animality of the Human Being(New York: Fordham University Press, 2009). This book has been translated to Spanish (Santiago de Chile: Ediciones Universidad Diego Portales, 2010) and German (Berlin/Zürich: Diaphanes Verlag, 2012). And more recently of Nietzsche y el pensamiento politico contemporáneo (Santiago de Chile: Fondo de Cultura Economica, 2013). She edited Hegel, Pensador de la actualidad (Santiago de Chile: Ediciones Universidad Diego Portales, 2010) in collaboration with Juan Omeño, and Michel Foucault: Neoliberalismo y biopolítica (Santiago de Chile: Ediciones Universidad Diego Portales, 2010). She is currently editing three books: a collection of essays on Foucault by internationally recognized Foucault specialists entitled The Government of Life: Michel Foucault, Biopolitics and Neoliberalismfor Fordham University Press (2014) and two collections of essays on Nietzsche by internationally recognized Nietzsche scholars entitled Nietzsche and the Becoming of Life. She is responsible for the FONDECYT Regular project (2008-2011): “Nietzsche, Biopolitics and the Future of the Human “(Nº 1085238) and FONDECYT Regular project (2011-2012): “Nietzsche and Heidegger on Justice” both financed by the Chilean National Research Council.


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