Conference Program: Recovery, reconfiguration, and repair

Conference Program Recovery, reconfiguration, and repair Mobilising the social sciences and humanities for a post-pandemic world Alfred Deakin Institute International Conference 11–12 November 2021 We respectfully acknowledge the Wurundjeri, Wadawurrung and Boon Wurrung peoples of the Kulin nations, and the Gunditjmara people as the traditional owners of the lands on which Deakin University’s Burwood, Geelong, […]

Coronavirus Multispecies Reading Group

Edna Bonhomme on witnessing pandemic disparities through histories of science and medicine: Monday, May 24, 2021 @ 9am London/ 10am CET/ 6pm Melbourne & Sydney/ 5pm Hong Kong & Singapore   Historian of Science Edna Bonhomme (2021 fellow, Munich Centre for Global History) joins us to discuss her crucial work on the history of plagues, the inequities revealed […]

Postdoctoral position available on the project, HealthXCross “Remaking Health in a Microbial Planet by Crossing Space, Time, Species and Epistemic Cultures”, hosted by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy”

Postdoctoral position, 3 years (12 months, renewable)   Deadline for application: 28 June 2021. Starting of the position: 1st October 2021. Host institution: Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy – Dept. of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage   TO APPLY: (English); (Italian)   We are pleased to announce a postdoctoral position available on the project, HealthXCross “Remaking Health in a Microbial […]

Judith Butler “Non-violence and Equality: Reflections on Pandemic Life”

We are delighted to invite you to the first season of the series “State of exception-exception of the State: conversations about the social revolt and the pandemic”, organized by the Centre of Studies of Applied Ethics (CEDEA) of the Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades de la Universidad de Chile, supported by IIPSS. The first session will […]

Tres filósofos analizan los tiempos de pandemia María Clemencia Jugo Beltrán, Diego Fonti y Andrea Torrano aportan sus visiones en el marco de la situación actual frente al COVID-19.

En este artículo distintos filósofos reflexionan sobre biopolítica y pandemia. Andrea Torroni señala “vemos cómo el vínculo de naturaleza, tecnologías, política y salud hoy es indisoluble: el esparcimiento del virus se multiplicó por nuestros medios de transporte; el daño se ahondó entre los sectores más débiles; los aprovechamientos de los recursos tecnocientíficos no fueron igualitarios. […]

“Virologística”, por Brett Nielson

Te invitamos a leer este interesante artículo, escrito por el profesor Brett Nielson, de Western Sydney University. En este trabajo, el profesor Nielson analiza la problemática económica y política de la pandemia por Covid-19 desde la perspectiva de las cadena de producción y la idea jurídica de “fuerza mayor”. Te dejamos los enlaces al artículo […]

“Virologistics”, by Brett Neilson

Brett Neilson, from Western Sydney University and a member of our network, explores disruptions to supply chains and logistical networks occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. An interesting analysis about capital and pandemic, and you can read it here: Virologistics part one Virologistics part two

“Anti-negritud”, por kihana miraya ross

Compartimos con ustedes este interesante análisis del asesinato de George Floyd, publicado originalmente en New York. Esta posición no intenta mostrar que en el fondo de este tipo de crímenes no es el “racismo”, sino derechamente la “anti-negritud”, el odio hacia las personas de piel negra. Les dejamos el enlace al texto, que por ahora […]

“Homo Natura: Nietzsche, Philosophical, Anthropology and Biopolitics”, Vanessa Lemm’s new book

“Nietzsche coins the enigmatic term homo natura to capture his understanding of the human being as a creature of nature, and tasks philosophy with the renaturalisation of humanity. Following Foucault’s critique of the human sciences, Vanessa Lemm discusses the reception of Nietzsche’s naturalism in philosophical anthropology, psychoanalysis and gender studies. She offers an original reading […]

Gender analysis on COVID-19 pandemic

In a recent publication, the Sexual Policy Watch analyses the fight against COVID-19 from a gender perspective. This article has been written in spanish. Here is the link: “Going back to usual”.

“Una salud y un hogar: sobre la biopolítica del COVID-19” de Miguel Vatter

Compartimos con ustedes el más reciente artículo del profesor Miguel Vatter. En este artículo, Vatter se suma a la disución intelectual sobre la pandemia del coronavirus que nos afecta de manera global, revisando la idea de “una salud y un hogar” para la humanidad. En el siguiente enlace, puedes encontrar el artículo escrito en inglés: […]

Compilación sobre COVID-19 en revista canadiense

En una respuesta rápida ante el problema global de la pandemia correspondiente al Coronavirus, la revista de estudios culturales Topia review junto con la University of Toronto Press han publicado un número especial que tiene por inspiración la biopolítica como herramienta de análisis teórico. Los artículos están en inglés. A continuación pueden acceder al enlace: […]

Compilation about COVID-19 by TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies

This is a rapid response collection of essays made by Topia review and University of Toronto Press. This special number of Topia, we can found Canadian-based scholars working in the field of biopolitics to write a short, biopolitically-inspired essay that critically interrogates some aspect of the COVID-19 outbreak. You can check the articles in the […]

Coronavirus y biopolítica

De la mano del momento actual por el que el mundo atraviesa, el European Journal of Psychoanalysis ha recopilado distintas miradas desde la filosofía y el pensamiento biopolítico. A continuación compartimos un enlace a la mencionada revista que cuenta con destacadas contribuciones: Coronavirus and philosophers.


New book: Capital and Time

Critics of capitalist finance tend to focus on its speculative character. Our financial markets, they lament, encourage irresponsible bets on the future that reflect no real underlying value. Why is it, then, that opportunities for speculative investment continue to proliferate in the wake of major economic crises? To make sense of this, Capital and Timeadvances an […]

New book “Power and sexual representations in ancient Greece: body, life and uses of pleasure”

Leandro Menezes, researcher of our network, has published the book “Power and sexual representations in ancient Greece: body, life and uses of pleasure” (original title: Poder e representações da sexualidade na Grécia Antiga Corpo, vida e os usos dos prazeres ), in the publisher Novas Edições Acadêmicas (Brazil). In this study assumes the objective of analyzing the power […]

Posthuman Ethics in the Anthropocene, Utrecht University Summer School

This course offers an introduction to contemporary debates around posthumaninsm and the so-called ‘posthuman turn’, as well as Rosi Braidotti’s brand of critical posthuman theory. The course will explore the extent to which a posthuman approach displaces the traditional humanistic unity of the subject, as well as the binary human/non-human distinction on which such unity […]

The Power of Fitness

Posted on March 1, 2017 by Juergen Martschukat In 1899, in one of the most influential speeches of his career, Theodore Roosevelt called on his fellow citizens to live a “strenuous life.” Roosevelt praised a life of restless movement, always active, always seeking to improve one’s strength and the strength of the nation, always trying to get ahead […]


Who Is ‘Evil,’ and Who Is the Victim?

Published by New York Times This is the eighth in a series of dialogues with philosophers and critical theorists on the question of violence. This conversation is with Simona Forti, aprofessor of political philosophy at the University of Eastern Piedmont in Italy, and a visiting professor at the New School for Social Research in New […]


New Issue on biopolitics of journal Pléyade

New Issue of Pléyade: Biopolitics The new issue of our journal number 17, launched in June 2016 which corresponds to the January-June Semester publication. The issue on “Biopolitics” is coordinated by Vanessa Lemm, University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia). This volume includes ten articles and two book reviews dedicated to Contemporary Political Thought. After […]


Braverman’s New Release “Animals, Biopolitics, Law”

Typically, the legal investigation of nonhuman life, and of animal life in particular, is conducted through the discourse of animal rights. Within this discourse, legal rights are extended to certain nonhuman animals through the same liberal framework that has afforded human rights before it. Animals, Biopolitics, Law envisions the possibility of lively legalities that move […]