New research on Infrastructure, Software and Labour

“Logistical worlds: Infrastructure, Software, Labour” is the new research project of Brett Neilson,  Associate Professor and immediate past Director at the Centre for Cultural Research at University of Western Sydney. In the website of the study you can find the scope, aims, concepts, and other information. About the project How to study China-led globalisation […]


New Volume on Biopolitics of Security by Michael Dillon

Recently Michael Dillon has published a new book on Biopolitics of Security by Routledge Publisher. Taking its inspiration from Michel Foucault, this volume of essays integrates the analysis of security into the study of modern political and cultural theory. Explaining how both politics and security are differently problematised by changing accounts of time, the work […]


New website design for

Started five years ago as a Latin American research network on biopolitics, has expanded into a transnational research network, currently based both in Australia and in Chile. The research network has redesigned its bilingual website in order to incorporate more researchers and materials dedicated to biopolitics. The network can be found at its new address […]


New Book by Jessica Whyte on Agamben’s Political Thought

Challenging the prevalent account of Agamben as a pessimistic thinker, the book of australian researcher Jessica Whyte titeled Catastrophe and Redemptionproposes is a reading of his political thought in which the redemptive element of his work is not a curious aside but instead is fundamental to his project. Jessica Whyte considers his critical account of contemporary politics—his argument […]


New Book on Biopolitics by Miguel Vatter

In this new book published by Fordham University Press, Vatter takes up Foucault’s hypothesis that liberal “civil society,” far from being a sphere of natural freedoms, designates the social spaces where our biological lives come under new forms of control and are invested with new forms of biopower. In order to test this hypothesis, its […]

Australian researchers join

In 2014 several new Australian researchers have joined our network. They are Mathew Abbott, Justin Clemens, Nicholas Heron, Mark Kelly, Paul Patton, and Melanie White. Mathew Abbott is Lecturer in Philosophy at Federation University Australia, where he researches modern European philosophy, aesthetics, and political philosophy. His first monograph –The Figure of This World: Agamben and […]