Rebelión de la granja: Biopolítica, zootecnia y dominación


Author: Iván Darío Ávila Gaitán
Publisher: Desde abajo ediciones, 2017

The approach that readers will find here below offers the possibility of thinking about the uncertainties that haunt and threaten the certainties about human condition, especially when those are compelled to involve on debates around life and the particularities of human being as an animal. This question was complicated from 19th century, for the generalized acceptation of evolution theory, and particularly the origin of species, introduced new factors in the elucubrations about the nature and rights of human beings.

Today, in a context where bioethical and biopolitical debates boil, one of the issues that receives grate attention and are object of increasing social mobilizations, is that of animal condition and the rights of humans regarding the rights of other animal species. In general terms, we live on an epoch what must reconsider the scope of its anthropology as long as it involves a distancing of the animal kingdom and some relationships that oscillate between the projection of the modern individuality on certain kind of animals and slave exploitation of another. What is at stake is the way of thinking and managing ecologically the life.

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