La cuestión animal(ista)


Author: Iván Dario Ávila Gaitán
Publisher: Desde abajo editores, 2017

We become imperceptible to be present, we disappear for shining collectively with an unusual splendor and reappear accompanied by animals, machines, plants, and stones. Being thus, how to understand the specifically articulation of the texts that composes The animal(ist) issue? Certainly not from a sovereign place that as of its infinite wisdom organizes what is under its control. On the contrary, if these texts compose this book, we must follow the marvelous intuition that derive from the words’ resonance: The animal(ist) issue is not a great compendium full of universalistic pretensions, it is a book musically made, and, from the beginning, has been distributed certain times, hard and soft times. However, the distribution we propose does not have to be your own distribution. Anyway… We know that, as Deleuze notes, “reading is a whole breathing exercise, before than a sheer intellectual exercise”, namely an arrogantly human exercise

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