La semántica biopolítica: Foucault y sus recepciones


Author: Adán Salinas A.
Publisher: Cenalte Ediciones, 2014

In this book are presented the Foucault’s investigation on biopolitics and biopower, through the courses of College of France. Thus, is possible to find the development and transformation of his concepts around biopolitics. Also, the author shows the different teoretical projects wich has receptioned this ideas on biopolitics and biopower sach as Studies in governmentality, a since his first works in 1979; the Homo sacer project started by Agamben in 1995; the trilogy Empire of Hardt y Negri; and also the Immunitas project founded by Esposito in 2002. To this receptions, the author includes some perspectives of Deleuze between 1986 and 1990.

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