Adán Salinas A.

Chilean. Professor of philosophy and degree in education by the UCSH. Master in philosophy, with distinction in moral and political philosophy from the University of Chile. Master of advanced studies in philosophy by the Complutense University of Madrid.

Currently make a Phd research in the Complutense University of Madrid, through funding of CONICYT. His doctoral research focus on the safety devices in the neo-liberal phase of BioPower. It is also a researcher of CENALTES and editor of HYBRIS, Journal of philosophy.

He has recently published collective books “Tributes and leaks, conversations with-envelope-from J. Derrida” (2005), compilation by Víctor Berríos and Nelson Rodríguez; “The irruption of the becoming. The French may and the history of the present time” (2009), compilation by Rodrigo Castro and Martín Ríos; “2011: Contributions to interpret a decade of struggle for self-education”, compilation by Jaime González, Rodrigo Sánchez and Mario Sobarzo. And a series of articles in specialized journals. 

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