Ute Tellmann

Ute Tellmann is currently assistant professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Hamburg. She studied sociology in Toronto, Berlin and Bielefeld, where she received a diploma in Sociology. She did her doctoral degree in Political Theory at Cornell University  (2007). Her dissertation focuses on the genealogy of the economic in liberalism, attending to the role of Malthus and Keynes for pinpointing the type of displaced (bio)politics that help to constitute the economy as an object of thought and intervention. Her areas of specialization are cultural economy, contemporary political theory, historical epistemology and social theory. She is currently working on economic temporality, debt collectives and economic spaces of exception.

Recent publications include:

– “Catastrophic Populations and the Fear of the Future: Malthus and the Genealogy of Liberal Economy,” Theory, Culture & Society  30(2), 2013, S- 135-155.
– “Global Territories: Zones of Economic and Legal Dis/connectivity,” Distinktion. Skandinavian Journal of Social Theory 13(3), 2012, S. 261-282.

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