Pablo Leighton


Pablo Leighton holds a PhD in Latino American studies from Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and in Media and cultural studies from Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He also has a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from Massachusetts College of Art (Boston, USA), and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Universidad Católica de Chile. He has taught at universities of Australia, United States, Chile and Honduras. His research is on the history of audiovisual culture in Chile since the 1970s until today, and on the notion and practices of propaganda in media. In both fields he has worked Michel Foucault’s approaches to biopolitics, archives and genealogy and Toni Negri’s ideas of biopower and immaterial labour. He has published the articles Archives and narratives for the recent coup-history of Chile (Neo Journal: Macquarie University, 2008); and Televisión + estado de sitio: la perentoria doble cadena del golpe en Chile, en el libro Archivos de Frontera: El Gobierno de las Emociones en Argentina y Chile del Presente (Santiago: Ediciones Escaparate, 2012). He has also worked as director, editor and screenwriter in various documentary and fiction productions, dealing with historical, political and Latino American issues.

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