Master in Global Biopolitics

Master’s Degree Programme in Global Biopolitics

Why did the governance of the life of populations become a central concern for modern states, and what have the consequences been for life? Since 2012, the University of Lapland has enabled students to answer these questions by offering the first ever master’s degree programme in Global Biopolitics. The University of Lapland is host to a unique community of research and teaching expertise in this area. 

What Will You Learn?

The master’s degree programme in Global Biopolitics (120ECTS) consists of major subject studies in international relations including a master’s thesis (40 ECTS). 

Students will learn how the concept of biopolitics opens up new and distinctive perspectives for political theorists and the critique of power, naming distinct forms of power and domains of struggle, and how the concept and problem of the political is changing as a result. 

The programme provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the politics of ‘life’ through a training in the theories and concepts of biopolitics as formulated by Michel Foucault and other key thinkers such as Gilles Deleuze, Giorgio Agamben, Antonio Negri and Roberto Esposito. 

The master’s degree programme in Global Biopolitics is a two-year research-based programme. It focuses on the importance of biopolitics for the development of issues across the social sciences, humanities and arts, and international politics especially. The programme examines how biopolitics provides a distinctive way of understanding how states and other political powers have learnt to govern populations in the global era, as well as how biopolitical governance has developed in constitution of global problems. 

The programme engages students in the study of a broad range of biopolitical issues, historical and contemporary, practical and theoretical, from a variety of perspectives, but with particular attention to the importance of biopolitics for problems of war, peace, violence, security, and development. 

The degree offered: Master of Social Sciences

Studying in Lapland

The University of Lapland, located on the Arctic Circle in the city of Rovaniemi, is the perfect choice for studying in the North.

Our contemporary premises and relatively small sized campus provide students with a cosy atmosphere in which to learn, study, and relax in. As the northernmost university in Finland and in the European Union, issues pertaining to the Arctic and circumpolar North constitute essential topics in our research and teaching. 

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