The Biopolitics in the Physical Activity, Quality Life and the Care Self


Author: Carlos Pacheco.
Publisher: , 2012

The interest of the writing is the existing characteristics identify and to analyze descriptively in the relation activity physics – hiperconsumo as mechanism that sets to work strategies of self-control and government of self. The speech of look after yourself to you itself as technology of me, it has re-formed to the subject thinking it from his tastes, interests, pleasures and perceptions. The technology of me, in the text, works in the subject from multiple instances and dimensions: there work in the endless pursuit that the subjects do to the health, the happiness, the juvenile body, the beauty and the corporal aesthetics. The hyperconsumption has overturned to administering the bodies from these instances and dimensions doing and producing more attractive markets with the possibility of exercising à la carte, to the measure, to the schedule that could and to the way that he wishes.

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