Direito, Estado e biopolítica: governo e soberania na sociedade pós-moderna


Author: João Marcos de Araújo Braga Júnior
Publisher: Juruá, 2014

The reflection on the fields of both political and legal philosophy frequently falls into the challenging understanding of a notion known as a central axis where all analysis cross over ; such notion is sovereignty. Present time events, in their remarkable singularity, reset this subject in all its complexity, opening the possibility to a renewed interest in its comprehension. Traditional conceptions, however, maintain a certain continuity on its description. Therefore, in order to have a different picture of sovereignty as the defining political and juridical order of modernity, this present work appeals to Michel Foucault’s philosophy, as a critical and historical reflection, in search for new instruments as well as a transversal approach capable of diagnosing the intricate dynamics of power and law, emphasizing, at the end of this problematization, the issue of biopolitics as the emblematic thesis of the present and also the turning point to its rationalization and transformation.

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