Roberta Raffaeta

Roberta Raffaetà is an anthropologist working at the intersection between medical anthropology, political ecology and science & technology studies. My research question is how to live well in an entangled and more-than-human world, given that we nurture but also hurt each other by the very fact of being in relation. In recent years, I have explored how scientists produce knowledge about microbes and why this matters (‘Antropologia dei microbi’ CISU 2020 – under translation with Routledge). After a PhD at Lausanne University, I have continued research thanks to a Marie Curie fellowship (Trento and Monash University) and a Fulbright Robert Schuman Award (UCLA, Institute of Society and Genetics).  Currently I am Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and PI of the ERC Starting Grant project ‘HealthXCross’.

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