Massimo Gelardi

Massimo Gelardi received his B.A. Degree in Political Science (thesis on the biography and the political theory of Malcolm X) and was awarded his Ph.D. in Philosophy of Social Sciences (dissertation on the logical-political ontology of racial categories in the US). He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Philosophy and Cognitive Science and taught postgraduate courses at CERCO (Centro di Ricercasull’Antropologia e l’EpistemologiadellaComplessità, Università di Bergamo [Italia]), and carried out his research at the University of Oregon (Eugene, USA) and at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, USA). He currentlyis a researchfellowat LabDI (Laboratorio Forme della Discriminazione, Istituzioni e Azioni Positive (Università di Moena e Reggio Emilia [Italia]).
His research focuses on the logical foundations, the economic frames and the hegemonic-antagonistic structure of the politics/policies of production and regulation of individual and collective identities (main areas of research and publication: Political Philosophy, Social Theory, Philosophy of Social Sciences, Cognitive Science, Postcolonial and Cultural Studies).
His current research project (Biology of Citizenship) investigates the physiology of subjectivation (natural logic and normative genealogy of semiotic-linguistic codes: asymmetrical distribution of technical-practical resources and sensorimotor/perceptive styles in the subjective and intersubjective world-ordering activities; physical and material micro- and macropolitics of capture of bodies) from a theoretical-methodological perspective which aims at conflating a wittgensteinian-deleuzean philosophy, the most recent findings of neuroscience and systems biology, the technoanthropological reflection of Science and Technology Studies, the complex systems theory.

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