Lieta Vivaldi

Lieta Vivaldi, is a lawyer from the University of Chile, has a diploma in Gender and Violence from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Chile, a master’s degree in sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a PhD in sociology from the University of Goldsmiths, University of London.

She currently works as a researcher at the Center for Applied Ethics of the University of Chile, directs the Gender, Law and Social Justice program at the Alberto Hurtado University Law School, and works on research associated with the University Law School. Diego Portales. She is a professor in undergraduate and postgraduate courses on gender, sociology and law at the University of Chile, Alberto Hurtado University and the Henry Dunant Institute. Lieta is part of the Association of Feminist Lawyers of Chile (ABOFEM), and is part of the boards of IIPSS and the Red de Estudios para la Profundización Democrática (

She specializes in biopolitics, ethics, feminism, human rights, sexual and reproductive rights, and legal sociology. Her PhD thesis was titled “Abortion in Chile: Biopolitics and Contemporary Feminist Resistance” and she has published several articles and book chapters on her topics of interest.

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