Lauri Siisiäinen

Researcher in Political Science, University of Jyväskylä, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy. Doctoral thesis title: Foucault’ s Voices:- Toward the Political Genealogy of the “Sonorous/auditory” is being finished, the defence of the study will be take place during the
autumn 2009, or the in the early 2010.

Special areas of interest: biopolitics and the sensorium, biopolitics and the arts/aesthetics (especially music), biopolitics and food/eating.
Recent publications related to the issues:

– “Terrorized by Sound? – Foucault on Terror, Resistance and Sonorous Art.” In: Hyvärinen M. and Muszynski L. (eds.) Terror and the Arts: Artistic, Literary, and Political Interpretations of Violence from Dostoyevsky to Abu Ghraib. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2008, pp. 225-241.

–  Signs and Spaces of Power in Italo Calvino’s “A King Listens”. In Tarasti, E.(ed.) Global Signs. Proceedings of the 2003-2006 summer congresses of the International Semiotics Institute.  Acta semiotica fennica, Helsinki, 2008, pp. 528-537.
– From the Empire of the Gaze to Noisy Bodies: Foucault, Audition and Medical Power. In Theory & Event 11:1, 2008.


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