Juan Manuel Iglesias Frecha


I currently serve as a student-­researcher in a project led by Mario Gerlero under the framework of the scientific program UBACyT. The project is titled “Rights, sexualities and genders: scope, impact and challenge the effectiveness of national laws 26.618 and 26.743 as remedial Human Rights policies in the context of legal sociology.” Also I have a brief carreer as an independent researcher having two (2) publications in the field of biopolítics. The first one is titled “Concepts and those who are conceptualized. From the categorical imposition to the confinement.” and it was published in the XI Conferences of Sociology sponsored by the management of the Sociology`s career. The second one is titled “Medical practices: naturalization or break up? A study on the medical student’s social representations about National Mental Health 26.657” and it was published by Gino Germani Research Institute in the VIII Young researchers conference.

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