Benjamín Ortega


PhD student in Legal Sciences at the Faculty of Law, Autonomous University of Querétaro, Mex. (UAQ), with the research topic: Scales of Sovereignty: Vanishing of space. Research Residence: Flinders University, Australia, October-November, 2019. Master in Applied Contemporary Philosophy, UAQ, 2013-2014. Postgraduate course belonging to the National Quality Postgraduate Program, CONACyT, with Honorable Mention, May 2015. Bachelor of Political Science and Public Administration, 1999 – 2004, (Research Project), UAQ., Mexico.

His research interests refer to biopolitical and necropolitical approaches to sovereignty, anomie and legal regulations. His work is located at the intersection of Philosophy, Political Science, Law, and Poetry.

Bachelor thesis: Biopolitics of torture in the fascist process. The cases of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons. Master’s Thesis: The Monstrous Security Artificiality of the Authoritarian Liberal State. The Ayotzinapa issue was approached from the necropolitical perspective.

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