Antonio Campillo


Philosopher and sociologist, Professor of Philosophy at the Universidad de Murcia (Spain) and director of the journal Daimon. Revista Internacional de Filosofía, where he has coordinated special editions on Arendt, Canetti and Foucault. He has been a visiting researcher at the Centre Michel Foucault in Paris and at the CSIC Instituto de Filosofía in Madrid. He has published ten books and more than seventy articles. He has edited some texts by Foucault and Bataille. He has supervised, among other things, a thesis about the biopolitics in the Francoist Spain, written by Salvador Cayuela and published by FCE, and another thesis about the biopolitics in the Paraguayan Jesuitical reserves, written by Alejandro Ruidrejo. His main field of research is the relation between Philosophy, Politics and History in the current process of globalization. His next book, which will be published by Herder in Autumn 2015, is entitled: No man’s land. How to think (of) global society [Tierra de nadie. Cómo pensar (en) la sociedad global].

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