International Summer School in Ontology

International Summer School in Ontology

Six days course with six leading philosophers

addressing the contemporary debate on ontology

24-29 August 2015

Grado, Italy

The first edition of ISSO will host some of the leading contemporary philosophers such as Giorgio Agamben, Francesco Berto, Ray Brassier, François Laruelle, Paul Livingston, and Davide Tarizzo. We offer a cutting edge and high-quality programme, aimed at fostering a rich and lively intellectual exchange. ISSO scientific coordinators are Marco Piasentier and Andrea Soardo.


The summer school starts on 24th of August and will end on 29th of August. Six prominent speakers will participate in our summer school.

Each of them will hold three seminars over three days (each seminar will be two hours long, including discussion). Have a look at the complete schedule.

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