Towards a Radical Conception of Politics: A Critical Analysis of Zizek’s Theory of the Act

Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Humanities, Universidad Diego Portales.

Is it possible to conceive of a type of politics that breaks from the constraints imposed by a given “objective” political situation? In other words, is it still possible – within the context of apparently undisputable “objective rules” – to conceive of a kind of politics that defines itself as going against such rules, as proclaiming the “impossible”? Or rather are we definitively posed, with good reason, in the realm of pragmatic-technocratic or, at best, deliberative politics? This research project seeks to explore these questions by critically assessing the thesis of radical politics developed by the Slovenian theorist Slavoj Žižek, using examples taken from Chilean contemporary politics as a methodological strategy to problematize Žižek’s thesis.

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