Nietzsche, Biopolitics and the Future of the Human

Researcher: Vanessa Lemm

Fondecyt Regular No. 1085238, 2008-2011.
Universidad Diego Portales.

This research projectinvestigates the question of how the recent problematization of the animality of the human being in philosophy and in the humanities affects our understanding of what it means to be human, and the challenges it poses for the future of humanism. This research project approaches this question from the perspective of Nietzsche’s conception of human life as part of a continuum of animal life. Until very recently, the theme of the animality of the human being was largely overlooked in the Nietzsche reception. My book Nietzsche’s Animal Philosophy provides the first systematic treatment of the question of the animal in Nietzsche’s philosophy as a whole. This research project wishes to deepen and extend the insights drawn from my prior investigation of culture, politics and the animality of the human being in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche in the three parts of this research project.

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