Aphoristic Compendium. A tribute to Juan Magariños


Author: Oscar Fernández
Publisher: Dialogarts Publicações, 2012

The philosophical biology is a study field that has a transdiciplinary tendency from which is possible to observe the emergence of new paradigms in biology, according to the worldviews of Fritjof Capra. Those paradigms have an influence on the cultural reality of humanity. From this perspective, the relationships between science & art, biopolitics & society, bioethics & education, science, ethics & society, among others, bring us closer to the complementary view to a perspective that seeks to harmonize ideas and feelings once antagonistic (Cartesian-Newtonian Paradigm), in order to prove a complex and also dynamic configuration which permanently autogenerates and auto-organizes itself.
That way, the materials presented today are a discursive intent to and for showing the existing complex plot in these relationships, which turns the philosophical reflection into a multimorphic and polyvalent enterprise. This is the beginning of a new adventure. Welcome to the spirilic view of life. Welcome to life.

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