Nueva investigación sobre Infraestructura, Software y Trabajo


“Logistical worlds: Infrastructure, Software, Labour” es el nuevo proyecto de investigación de Brett Neilson,  Associate Professor de la University of Western Sydney. En el sitio web podrás encontrar los objetivos, alcances, conceptos y otras informaciones:

Sobre el proyecto véase su desripción en inglés

About the project

How to study China-led globalisation through infrastructural interventions? This question prompts the investigation of logistical operations that fabricate the emerging trade network known as the New Silk Road. Moving between software studies and geocultural analysis of labour regimes, the project tracks algorithmic arrangements of power across the tricontinental sites of Piraeus, Valparaíso and Kolkata. These are spaces of docking and interface, material flow and restriction, in which logistics antagonizes labour. The extraction of time and social life from populations underscores economies of measure. Whether understood through the techniques of supply chain management or the architecture of real-time computation, logistics materializes the abstractions of capital. Subjectivity and labour expose the power and vulnerability of logistical worlds.


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